Gypsy Moth Treatment for 2022

"At this time it is NOT the Township or County responsibility to treat for Gypsy Moths. In the past, treatment has been on a volunteer basis. In Spring of 2021 approximately 265 acres of the approximately 11,000 acres of private  property in the Township were treated. Due to the concern of citizens at the Foster Township meeting in June 2021, a committee was formed to look into possible options for the Township to manage and pay for the treatment of Gypsy moths on a long term basis. Since those options are a minimum of 3-5 years from possibly being implemented,  we are concentrating on enhancing the volunteer efforts to try to include all those who want their property treated in Spring of 2022. The first step is to determine the total area to be treated. To do that we need input from folks who are interested in having your parcel treated in Spring of 2022. Please fill in the form linked below to help determine that. Watch this site for a form for signing up to be a volunteer (by 23 July 2021)  and for updates as to our progress. The deadline for committing the area to be treated for 2022 is 1 August 2021, so please fill in the Request Form as soon as possible."

Property Tax Number will be needed in the Gypsy Moth Request Form.  This number can be found on the Summer Tax Bill in the upper right hand corner 004-XXX-XXX-XX.

Don't have your Summer Tax Bill, click the link below to look up your property.  Search by your last name OR by property address.

gypsy moth.jpg

Please click on the link below to sign up for Gypsy Moth Treatment in Spring 2022.   Request Submission Deadline is 15 Aug 2021


Volunteers will be required to coordinate efforts in their area (communication, collection, mapping, general assistance, etc.) and to coordinate with the Gypsy Moth Committee. You will need your (volunteer’s) parcel number and area (map identification and section number) obtained from the ‘Property Search’ (or your tax bill) and ‘Foster Township Plat Maps’ links above. Without volunteers in areas that folks are requesting to be treated, there simply will not be treatment next year.

Gypsy Moths are the worse this township has ever seen.  The gypsy moths are devastating even the littlest oak trees and the white pine trees. Foster Township has approximately 11,000 acres of private land.   With that being said, the township board is looking into ways to save our trees.  

Here is a news release put out by the Michigan DNR and Department of Agriculture and Rural Development on June 21, 2021.


Gypsy Moth feeding season nearing its end and what is next for the Gypsy Moth.