Property tax information is now available online - powered by BS&A Software.

You can go to the site by typing in "" in your browser window or click on the button to the right.

  1. In the top right of the window click on "Municipalities"
  2. Type in "Ogemaw" in the search window, then click 'Ogemaw County' or scroll down to "Ogemaw County" and click on it. NOTE: The blue circle indicates that data is available. There is no data for individual Townships within the county. The County has all Township data.

Ogemaw County should now show in the top left of the window. You can chose to search by Address (default), Name or Parcel Number by clicking on the down arrow next to 'By Address'. You can now type in what you want to search for in the search box and click 'Search'.

For additional Help/Information, 'Click here to learn more...' in the "Welcome" window of the "Home" page or call the Treasurer at 989.345.0533

Tax Assessments

To apply for Poverty Exemption or to apply for or remove Principal Residence Exemption (PRE) contact the Assessor  or  Supervisor - see the 'Contact Us' tab.

If your request for Principal Residence Exemption (PRE) was not filed on time (late), you may file an appeal with the July or December Board of Review by downloading, printing, filling out and mailing the "Petition for July or December Board of Review" by clicking on the button below. Mail the completed form to:

Allison Thompson, Assessor

  121 Wooden Key Drive    

Houghton Lake, Michigan 48629